It’s simple. Be honest, and respectful, and work hard. Do the right thing. Don’t take short cuts. Don’t go for the quick buck. Be knowledgeable and informative.

We often see our role primarily as educators. We believe in supplying thoroughly researched and relevant data, so you can make informed and considered decisions. We keep up with the trends and the statistics, and we pass our knowledge on to you.

And we believe in having collegial rather than combative relationships with other realtors.  It’s why so many of them call us when they are looking for things not yet listed on MLS, and why so many who work this area know us and welcome our calls.

This business is about character and hard work.  We’re proud to say that after seeing half the realtors go out of business in recent lean years, our business is thriving.  Our reputation is strong, and our work ethic brings people back the next time they are buying or selling a home. CLICK HERE TO READ WHAT SOME OF OUR CLIENTS HAVE SAID.

We also believe in contributing to the community.  We consider ourselves to be fortunate people in a difficult world.


Our community is our life-blood, and we honor it, through justice-related issues, charitable contributions, and civic involvement.

Locally Owned -- Community Focused